The tournament is played by NHF's match and tournament rules.
[[ "> NHF laws and regulations ">] as well as "> NHF Rules

All teams receive a minimum of 5 matches

Upon registration tax is payable per team you want to join in with.

Along with the registration shall state name, age and address of at least one responsible leader.

Upon arrival to the tournament, there must be the name list of all managers and players. A player can only participate on one team in the same cohort during the tournament.

Over aged or mixed team only after application and granted an permission

Matches led by recognized referees.

Playing time
Playing time is 2 x 15 minutes in all classes, also playoff

Mini handball is 2x10 minutes

Termination Form
Teams divided into pools of 4-5 teams, wherein the two best placed entering the final. In some pools possibly also best 3's, ranked according to the following method: points, goal difference, most goals scored, drawing lots.

If there is a tie after pool play, order is set like this:

a) points in mutual matches.

b) Goal difference in mutual matches.

c) Most goals scored in mutually matches.

d) Goal difference in all matches in the pool.

e) Most goals scored in all matches in the pool.

f) drawing .

draws in the playoffs decided by golden goal as follows:

-Coin toss to start with the ball.

-The team that scores first wins the match.

Termination Form
The team listed first are home team and starts with the ball at the half on the left from the scoreboard.

The away team must play with vests or change outfits / color if costume similarity.

Both teams shall bring 2 balls to every game. Hometeam with match ball, spare ball at the scoreboard and the away team with balls at both goals.

Referees are responsible for playtime, penalty time and match result. Leaders / parents can help turn the scoreboard at each scoring. Team leaders on both teams will sign the match cards at the referees immediately after the match to confirm the result.

It is not granted Team time-out in any of the matches.

Match result in matches where a team do not meet, set 10-0.

Outdoor: Only spray glue is allowed. No other types of resin or grip enhancement is allowed. Nor gloves of different configuration. It is allowed to play with artificial turf shoes / Football

In mini handball is no glue allowed.

Indoor: Glue is permitted only as of G / B 15 years and older.

It is not permitted with point mark in classes up to and including G / B 16 years, but offensive defense and helbanepress are still allowed.

It is only allowed to switch players when own team has the ball in classes up to and including G / B 16 years

Regarding new rules introduced on 1 July 2016
In G / B 18 years is allowed to take out goalkeeper and replaced with extra player

Rule about the injured player that must rest after referee signs, applies only in classes B / G 15 and older

Rule regarding passive play applies from the B / G 12 and older

Special handling of last 30 seconds in the match, as well as the Blue card, applies from B / G 15 years and older "> Read more

Jury and protests
are appointed jury after
[fontsize::13.5pt" class="external plainTextLink" target="_new">[fontsize::13.5pt"> provisions [fontsize::13.5pt"> in NHF's § 85 to 3.1, from 85 to 3.2 and from 85 to 3.5.

Jury President: Øystein Aam

Members: Knut Waage, Rune Søvdsnes

Stand-in: Vidar Gjesdal

Protest fee is set at NOK 1.000, - and the jury's decision is final. If the protest is accepred, the protest fee will be repaid.

Protest must be filed in writing within 15 minutes after the final whistle, to Main Secretariat in Framo Hall. The fee is to be paid at protest delivery.

Rules of conduct

Any use of alcohol during your stay or travel to and from is strictly prohibited.

Wardrobes should be left in the condition you found them in. Managers are responsible for ensuring that teams cleans after themselves. Violations can lead to playing ban for teams or individual players in the remaining matches in the tournament. [fontsize::19pt]